Seinfeld vs. Lapine…

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6 responses to “Seinfeld vs. Lapine…

  1. This ‘borrowing’ goes on all the time…I co-wrote a book last year…(self-published). I sent the book around for free to many places for reviews…and found that a local paper in my area lifted some of my work from the book without credit…and it was so OBVIOUS it made me cry.
    Now, on the other hand, moms share tons of info all the time and some of us choose to “write” about it…who knows, my mom in the 70’s put lots of green stuff in my food without me knowing and shared that secret when I had kids…so this is not a new concept.

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  3. very interesting.

    and yes, you definitely have to write a book. 🙂

  4. Margie

    Ms. Lapine is very fortunate to may have been plagiarized because now she’ll make so much more money from the media exposure….that’s the logic of many folks, who don’t even know Ms. Lapine. Yeh, she’ll even be more happy when her greedy lawyers start deposing the Seinfeld’s entire HarperCollins book prep team in 3-4 weeks to see who leaked Ms. Lapine’s manuscript. HarperCollins even had to change the artwork on Seinfeld’s book cover (a winking lady with carrots nearby) because Ms. Lapine’s publisher complained when they noticed a flyer on the book. You see, Ms. Lapine didn’t use an agent when she first presented her manuscript to HarperCollins so the book staff could possibly have just said, ” Heh, look here, a free manuscript to steal. Nobody will ever know.”

  5. Interesting. But I don’t quite get the “hide the vegetables” part at all. When I grew up, my mom always cooked vegetables in a hundred different ways. Most of the time they tasted great. She never hid them in cakes or brownies, and my sister and I ate it heartily. I am not a good cook but I notice my kids eat the same veggies enthusiastically or with the disdain look in their eyes depending how they are prepared and cooked. I personally think kids don’t hate vegetables. They just don’t like them when they are cooked not to their taste. Just my humble opinion 🙂

  6. It strikes me as odd… I don’t think Ms. Seinfeld would have intentionally plagerised the book, however, I wouldn’t put it past the publishers to “accidently” mention something.

    And, I find it odd that virtually the same book was pitched by a “no body” and was denied. Stick “a name” on it and it’s golden. Just because someone is married to a famous celebrity doesn’t mean they are “good” at what they do.

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