(Spoof) – Yet Another Toy Recall

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I wondered if I should upload this here for fear that people would think it was in poor taste. But then I remembered how it made me laugh out loud, and wanted to share that simple pleasure with those who could use a lift today.

Spoof - Yet Another Toy Recall



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4 responses to “(Spoof) – Yet Another Toy Recall

  1. ouch.

    btw, i linked to your post about deceptively delicious in a blog that’s posting tonight on what i believe re: children and food. 🙂 i think you are right on.


  2. I like the photo – it is very funny.
    Thank you for linking to me. I have reciprocated at the Great Big Veg Challenge site.

  3. It’s funny and it’s underlined the real toy safety problem.
    I do really like your blog.

  4. Toy buyers must find creative ways to solve the problem of toys from China as most are probably unsafe. Could something as simple as a boycott of the biggest supplier of Chinese made toys send a message to the rest of the toy companies?

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